Everybody hates them and authors usually stay avoid them with all your might. But I actually like them and here’s why. 

So cliches get a lot of hate. They’re predictable and overplayed. They show a lack of creativity and ingenuity. Blah, blah, blah. But here’s the thing, there is absolutely wrong with cliches. Use them to your heart’s content.

Several stories use cliches and put different twists on them which is what a lot of authors suggest you do. Put your own unique twist on the cliche and make it your own is the practical slogan of how you should approach cliches. But maybe it is because of all my years writing fanfiction and let me tell you something, the most popular tags for fanfiction are cliches.

The Friends to Lovers cliches, the Unrequited Love Cliches, even those weird Werewolf cliches are popular. And it is because it is something familiar, something that we can kind of guess the outcome from. Now I know what you must be wondering if the story is predictable then it must not be very good. But actually, it is the opposite. The story is still good, actually, they are down right amazing.

It’s because they are something familiar and easy that readers can immerse themselves in without a problem. Yeah, it is predictable but every time I come around the part where the main character gets into a tiff with their love interest I gasp and my heart clenches. I knew it was coming but I am still surprised and hurt when they fight. And that is the amazing part of stories. It doesn’t matter how often it was told or if the plot devices are similar. These people are different and their story is going to be a little different from the one before.

Cliches are awesome.


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