A lot of times I find it hard to find the motivation to write. You know the feeling, some days you just don’t want to write. 

And it is super easy to fall into that trap and just not write. It is easy to lounge around and just think about writing, but then when you get back to writing it is super hard to actually write. It is a trap that I have fallen for several times and picked myself back from several times with varying levels of success. I would use several methods to get back into the groove of writing and I wanted to share some of the tactics that I use to motivate me to write.

Thinking about the fans

This is something that is more geared towards fanfiction authors, but it is something that would motivate me to write every single day. When you publish a story online there are several people who are waiting for the next installment. They want to see the characters live out the scenarios that they got themselves into. Writing is kind of like a TV show where the reader is waiting for the next episode. If you stop writing it’s like a TV was just canceled in the middle of the season, those readers are life unsatisfied and kind of dreaming about how the story would have played out. What would have happened if Character A finally confronted Character B about their lying? Did the antagonist ever achieve their goal? Did the protagonist ever stop them? It’s annoying for stories to kind of drop like that so imagine that a reader is reading the story while you write it. Or actually, have someone read it as you write it. You write because you want to and because you know someone finds your story engaging, which is always a plus

Setting Deadlines for yourself

This isn’t for everyone, but giving yourself an achievable deadline is always a good way to ensure that you get your writing done. Personally, I don’t like events like National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) because I feel like it puts a huge task and minimizes how much work it is. Novels are 40k words minimum and most novels go over that amount because of all the detail and building that takes place. Not to mention just establishing the story and characters through the exposition (which many people take their time doing). I like to try and set realistic goals for myself. Back when I wrote fanfiction more religiously, I would set a deadline for myself every month. Every month I would publish one chapter. It didn’t matter which fanfiction it was, I just need to churn out one chapter. And it worked because it gave me time to brainstorm, outline, and draft. My work was quality and it gave me enough time to give myself a couple days for a break where I wasn’t writing. A month was the time I needed to write a chapter. Some people only take two weeks to write a chapter and some people take 3 months. It’s all about your pace and process.

Think About the Characters

Okay this one is kind of weird.

So, I kind of think of my characters as people with their own free will and dominion over their lives and I’m just kind of the person documenting all their actions. Me, not writing, are actions not being documented, descriptions are lost and the full impact of one instance is minimized if I have to go back and remember what they did. And the characters are also upset because I am missing pivotal parts of their lives and generally just not doing them and their live justice. I’m not writing the story to the full potential of what is could be. It’s kind of like writing a history book with only second-hand information available to you. It would never be as good as the book written by someone with first-hand information, so do your character justice and write them as they act.

Finding the motivation to write every day isn’t easy, but someone once told me that the best way to form a habit was to do it until it felt weird to not do it. Like I said consistency is key in order to become a better writer!


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