Writing is really, really hard

So I didn’t post at all last week because I recently returned home from college and readjusting to home life is a lot more difficult than I expected. Since I’m back home now I have a lot more free time to work on my novel and my various fanfictions and let me tell you writing is hard.

I remember that advice blog post that I made. One of the things that I wrote about in that post was consistency, being a consistent writer is what makes you better, but it also prevents you from getting rusty. Well when I was writing a chapter, I noticed that the words just didn’t seem to flow the way that I was used to and that I was always stalling for words, for something to say. And that is why writing everyday is something that I emphasize. Consistency builds up your ability little by little and day by day.

Another thing that makes writing hard is the dreaded block. I get writer’s block all the damn time and it is frustrating and annoying. There is no way to combat writer’s block except to sit in front of your work and hammer it out. Just keep writing and eventually it’ll disappear. Don’t wait for inspiration. I used to do that and the inspiration would hit me about 6 months later. Yeah, waiting for inspiration is not something you should do.

But yeah consistency is everything when it comes to writing.


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