WARNING: Sexual material ahead!

His hips set a punishing pace, the hard slap of skin and the heady musk of their coupling clouded her senses, blanketing her in their passion. She was consumed by their lust. His hands gripped her hips, hard enough that she felt like he was trying to reach her bones, her skin slick with sweat causing him to grapple for purchase.

She could feel her orgasm quickly approaching, a tightly wound knot sitting low in her stomach that twisted tighter and tighter with each erratic thrust of his hips. His cock pushed into her, shoving the air out of her lungs and leaving her with only the sense to grips his shoulders and moan. She could feel herself inching closer to that edge, to the bliss and blackness that would come soon after and he was too. His hips lost their rhythm, jutting erratically, chasing his own pleasure. If she wanted to follow him over that cliff she was going to have to beg.

“Please,” she murmured. “Oh, please, please please.” Her words were slurred, curly brown locks sticking to the damp skin of her cheek. He only smirked and snaked a hand down between their pressed bodies, rubbing her clit. The knot in her stomach exploded, heat melting into her veins, pleasure tingling every pore. The moan escaped her without a thought as her bones turned to jelly. He grunted above her, suckling at her breast as he followed her into orgasm.

His hips slowed and he rolled off of her, hands pulling her to his side. They panted beside one another as the sweat started to cool on them. She sighed and pulled the sheets around her. He chuckled.

“A shy whore? Never thought I would see one,” he chuckled. She pursed her lips but said nothing. If the Mistress knew that she was treating customers badly she could be thrown out on her ass and being a whore in a brothel was better than being a whore on the streets. There were too many horror stories about that happening for her to just disregard them.

“Is there anything else I can get you, sir?” A smile slipped on her face, but he waved her off. She wished he would ask for more. He had entered with such finery that if she could coerce him enough, the fee would be larger and so would her commission. Her hands fluttered around his head, patting his slick black locks away from his face. She cuddled closer. Keep him in the room as long as possible. The longer he is here the better.

“Then we can talk. I am always willingly to lend an ear to one of my better lovers,” she whispered. She rubbed his stubbled jaw and he leaned into the touch, eyes closing as he hummed. “Tell me what is on your mind. I am a good listener.”

“There are several things on my mind. Nothing that a whore would understand,” he asserted. Ah, but that was the best part of being a whore. People spoke and though she may not understand, she knew the value of words. She kept her words and the words of others.

“you will find that though I do not understand, it is soothing to speak.”

“Fine,” he grumbled. “I will tell the whore what I think. Though you will never understand the words that pour from my mouth.” And he told her, he whispered to her of his army and his lieutenants, he spoke of their training and his creed. He spoke of a great many things that she would never understand, but that was the beauty of words. She would never have to understand fully what they meant if she knew the weight of the person who carried these words she knew their value.

And that was the glory of words. She would not have to topple kingdoms and forge herself in fire to achieve glory. A whisper was enough to give her the power that she needed.

I am back after my hiatus! Finals are over and I am finally back home! I wanted to write this piece because I had never written a sex scene before and I wanted to see if I could do it. I hope it isn’t awkward.


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