Writing is difficult and sometimes you need a little advice. Here are some tips and tips that I use for my writing. 

The Plot Bunny Problem

I think as writers this is something that we all face. Sometimes you have so many ideas swirling around in your head it is difficult to focus solely on one. There was a period of my life where I would dedicate myself to one story and then abandon it when another seemingly better plot came along. And for awhile I would never get anything done. None of my stories ever got finished and many were just left hanging sixteen chapters in. Now, that I’m in college though and I don’t have as much free time, I had to find time to write and I still have the plot bunny problem. So how to deal with this? My advice would be to embrace it, I suppose. What I do is constantly rotate between my projects. I’ll let one sit whenever I feel I need a break from it, and I’ll attack another project with fresh new eyes.


To be honest, I never really enjoyed outlining and for a long time, I didn’t outline. I hated outlining because I felt that it took the magic out of writing and I felt that if I made an outline I needed to follow it to a T. I used to make my outlines too detailed. What I do now to combat this is that I make my outline purposely ambiguous, should I decided to deviate a little from the outline I no longer completely destroy the story that I am trying to write. Another reason you should outline is for the sake of consistency. In a story, you have a lot of elements floating around and you’re bound to forget something in midst of writing so outlining is a good way to keep track of all the moving pieces that you have.


Like all hobbies writing needs to be practiced all the time. You constantly have to be writing to improve or get better. If you want your stories to gain some popularity you need to write or post consistently. I think the reason why this blog has been doing so well since I decided to start in February is because I have been consistent in the upkeep of the website. (I don’t consider the content I put out to be quality.) You need to be constantly writing but it doesn’t have to be a lot of words per day. Write a paragraph or two a day, maybe if you’re on a roll write a couple pages or so. I tend to try and write about 400 to 700 words a day. I know some people who write about 3,000 words per day, but that’s because they worked their way up to that.

Happy writing!


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