There were few things that they enjoyed. Games were one of them, but Eliana was getting bored of games. She was getting bored of this world. Everything was always topsy-turvy, changing and warping into something that this disgusting world found amusing, into something that this world knew would make her miserable. 

“You know, it doesn’t love you because you don’t love it back.”

Eliana frowned as she leaned back in her chair. Elijah appeared before her in a puff of smoke, the air twisted around his body. Oh, this place loved Elijah something about him just made the world curl around him. Even in this hellscape where up was down and right mean down too, Elijah knew how to navigate the world as if it was a straight road right ahead of him.

“No, this place doesn’t love me because it finds it fun to torture me.” Eliana rose from her chair and promptly fell into nothingness. The wind whipped through her hair and made her eyes water, the skirt of her dress bloomed up like an umbrella, but she did nothing but frown.

Star passed her and Eliana swore she saw the moon too, Elijah conjured himself beside her. They fell but he was able to rest his elbows and support his head as if they were on solid ground.

“Topsy-turvy? Tipsy-Lipsy. You need to embrace the madness, Eliana.”

Eliana’s feet landed on nothingness, but it was solid and that meant she was able to walk on it. She stomped her foot, her hands waving as she gestured around the room. “How can anyone get used to this? To do one thing I need to make a big performance! Just you wait! Once I have it, I’ll break out of here.”

Elijah sighed. “You know it doesn’t like when you talk about leaving.” He was suspended in air, calm as if what he was doing was natural. As if it was right.

“There’s nothing right about this place! There’s nothing worth staying here for! Everything is broken! We all should have gotten out the moment that the world became this way!” Eliana shouted.

Elijah nodded his head as if he was listening to some sage advice. He was probably listening to it again, letting it dig its claws deeper and deeper into him. How could he stand to have that voice muttering in his ear? How could he stand the madness that was this world?

She should have left with Wilco  and Jolla when she had the chance.

“Everything more fun this way. If the world was like all the others than it would be boring. Topsy-turvy is what makes this place fun.”

Eliana opened the door beneath her feet and jumped into the sky that stood behind the door. Instead of falling down she floated up, Eliana grabbed a cloud and righted herself so she could swim through the sky.

Elijah stuck his head through the door but did not follow. “The world is better when it’s weird.”

Slowly his body was consumed by smoke. First his legs, then his torso then everything else, but the last thing, and it was always the last thing, to disappear was the large smile that was plastered to his face.

Eliana hated it here. And she was tired of games. So this would be the last one before she gained her freedom.


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