She did not fall. Falling implied that it was an accident. Falling was associated with slipping, tripping, and stumbling, all of those words implied a lack of control. A control that she had. No, she did not fall.

She dived.

The walls were made of a coarse stone, that despite being smoothed over, still have raise abrasions that could be felt with a brush of the hand. The land was stuck in a perpetual overcast always awaiting a storm that would never come. When she was young she was naive enough to think that all the world was like this. The blue skies written about in her tales were nothing more than myth like dragons and other unpleasant things. It wasn’t until she traveled outside of the court that she caught a glimpse of the “myth”.

Those skies were open and wide, dotted with clouds that looked soft and light. The world seemed more open and wide and it was in that moment that she wanted nothing more than the clouds of her home to part and allow her to see the ocean that rested above her. She wanted the open and wildness that the sky stirred in her to be enjoyed by everyone. Her heart had never felt so light and airy, she had never felt freer.

Acacia knew that there was no way that she could part the clouds. Magic was a myth as were many other things and it would serve her no good to dwell on the wishes of her childhood. Wishes were something that was to be said once and forgotten. What she had now was goals, ambitions, and several annoying obstacles. But not with Brent resting his head on her breast she knew that all those obstacles were to soon be nothing more than a passing worry. Everything would be gone if everything went according to plan.

She leaned down, pulling his face up to her’s so that she could press their lips together. It was a sanguine exchange that grew in heat and ferocity. If she let it continue on surely, Brent would feel the need to bed her again and while it would be a short affair, Acacia did not want to waste a moment when she could almost taste everything that she had been working for.

She pulled away breathless. “Come now my dear, there is not enough time to indulge.” His large, sweaty hands framed her face and she fought the urge to pull away from him. Brent was a large man, he took up most of the room on her bed so she had to splay herself out on top of him. His bronze skin was always shiny from sweat.

Acacia leaned in his hands, but he only smiled at her and pressed another kiss to her lips.

“It is a sad truth you speak,” he said as he rose from the bed and began to dress. Today was important meeting today was the day when they decided who was to be the King’s new bride. Who was to be the queen.

This is a new series that I decided I wanted to start on here. Something to have fun with.


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