Alright since she wants to be in the new so often we gotta talk about her. Let’s talk about this problematic chick and finally put her to rest. 

Okay so let’s talk about how problematic and honestly annoying Ragweed is why what she is doing is actually super problematic. So essentially Rachel’s claim is that she had never felt “white” and has always felt “black” on the inside.

Which is probably the most ludicrous statement that I have heard in my entire life. Then you have a host of people on Facebook posting shit in the comments like:

“Well if you can accept trans men and women then why can’t you accept trans black??” I have seen members of my own family making the same statement (bless their misguided souls) and let me explain why this is unacceptable.

The only fundamental difference between being white and being black is fucking skin color. 

That is it. The melanin content of our skin is different, that is all. Trans is when the brain actually literally does not match the body.  Male and female brains are mostly similar, but estrogen masculinizes the brain so that males brains know to perform certain male behaviors. This is true for both animals, like birds, and human. So trans person is when the brain literally doesn’t match the body that they’re in. You can read the research paper here or if you want to read the article is more layman terms there is a Nat Geo article you can read here.

So for anyone who wants to argue that I or anyone else can accept can trans people, guess what because that actually exists. This trans black shit does not!

Raggedy Ann over here was white and she decided from her high horse of privilege, “Hey! You wanna know what’d be cool? Being black!” White people wanting to be black is nothing new. We deal with that shit all the damn time, but this woman went so far just to be black it is baffling. She said that she never “felt white”. What does that mean exactly? What is feeling white? What does that feel like?

She also said she always felt black which is another thing that I didn’t understand. Like what does that mean? What does it mean to feel black? Because as a black woman I never, not once, felt “black”. To be being black isn’t a feeling, it’s what I am. I can’t change being black like I can a feeling.

She is just being a privileged white woman because when the going gets tough she can always, choose to not be black. She can literally decide what privileges she gets because she can pick and choose what she wants to experience. Rachel here is just another case of loving black culture, but then excluding all that comes with it. She essentially just wore black face for years.

Like I could understand if she felt, I don’t know, connected to black culture, but what she is doing is just the epitome of white privilege. I just, ugh I get so mad thinking about this. I don’t think I can adequately put my thoughts together about this. This whole post has been a messy mishmash of thoughts and emotions and sentences strung together.

There’s a better explanation here that you can read where a girl goes really indepth with why this is so problematic.


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