Recently there was a post that passed me by talking about how girls shouldn’t wear up make and the usual “this is why you should take a girl swimming for the first date” meme. So as “feminist” I think that I should explain makeup, the importance, and for those of you worrying about the feminist undertones than I’ll talk about that too.

So makeup why the big fuss about some powders and creams on your face?

Well, some people see make up as  lying to partners (if you honestly think that I have gold eyelids then something is wrong with you) and a generally un-feminist because it essentially makes women comply with the beauty standards that are set by men and society.  You’ve probably all heard or seen comments that go something like this:

“Girls look so much better without makeup I don’t even know why they wear it.”


“Thank God, I don’t wear that much makeup. It just ruins your pores and hinder women’s natural beauty!”

We’ve all seen the comments and generally we just brush them off. However, there are small points that need to be addressed in each statement.

The first statement is annoying but men usually only post this on videos of makeup tutorials geared towards the evenings out and prom and stuff. What men don’t seem to get is that those are not the tutorials that most people who wear makeup use in their day to day. We don’t wear that much. And those that do, don’t need your judgment or your opinion, because MAKEUP IS HARD! APPRECIATE THE ART THAT IS THEIR HIGHLIGHT!!! And if you don’t want a girl that wears heavy makeup then okay, good for you, go find a girl that doesn’t! Like do they expect a reward for loving girls without makeup?

Anyways on to the second which is a little more political stance.

Yes, makeup is a tool used to control women’s appearance to satisfy men. That is the intent and purpose of makeup since it’s inception. This has not changed, but the fact that there is many self-professed “feminist” going on and on about this is funny to me.

The new modern feminism movement is less about breaking the mold and more about providing the option to either follow traditional societal conventions or go against them. The whole focus of modern feminism is choice, that has been the rallying cry and campaign slogan for the whole movement.

Yes, we should acknowledge and inform every one of the patriarchal origins of makeup. However, we shouldn’t shame women for deciding to wear it. First off what everyone is forgetting is that wearing makeup is a choice and as I have stated before one of the key points of feminism is choice. Yes, people are socialized to think that a certain type of appearance is the best and if people want to wear makeup then there should be no shame in choosing to wear it.

Like all things, makeup is a choice. Something that should be left to the user to decide. If the intent to wear it is or isn’t political is something that is personal and like most things they shouldn’t be used as a means for discouraging and disparaging others.


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