I know that this is the season where a lot of kids are getting back their college apps and preparing for prom, so this might be a little late, but this is something that I think a lot of high schoolers don’t hear.


When I was in hgih school I was in a rush to leave. I wanted to go to college, I wanted to be independent, I couldn’t wait to sort of stand on my own two feet by myself. If you’ve read my other blogs you will know that it isn’t as marvelous as it turns out to be and being independent can cause a lot of misery. College isn’t always spectacular. It can be scary and stressful, but it can also be rewarding and fun.

One thing that I wanted to tell you now that you’re deciding what school, looking for that prom dress, or just waiting for graduation. Or you might just be watching the seniors of your high school, waiting for your chance to go to college. The greatest piece of advice I could give you is enjoy your time.

Enjoy all the football games, dates, dance, and people you’re at school with right now. Enjoy those to the fullest extent because after you graduate high school that will be the last time you are truly a kid. The moment you step on to a college campus and you are an adult and held accountable for everything you do, so enjoy your high school days.

I was in a rush to get out. I wanted to leave my family behind and just be completely independent from them just because. Now I miss them constantly and I miss being in high school sometimes because I miss being with my friends and seeing familiar face.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying high school. It’s not weird or odd. There is a sort of romantic view that is taken with high school (if High School Musical and every drama that takes place in high school is to be believed). You never get to go prom anywhere else and you never really get to laugh and be that carefree about your life (unless you’re like rich or miserable at your high school, in that case college will be great). Simply enjoy the time left to you. You will never have it again.


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