An American First narrative is probably the most dangerous narrative we could have.
Let be me frank with you and begin this by saying that I am both socially and fiscally liberal to the point that I self-identify as a socialist. During the polling period, I felt the Bern probably more than anyone else in the world. And I was severely disappointed when he lost.

Other than this I think that it also stands for me to mention that contrary to popular belief, I do not hate Republicans or conservatives on the whole. In fact, I think that the world needs people who are conservative because we need that discourse that fosters compromise and growth. One of my closest friends is a conservative and our talks on politics have made me develop new ideas and such that, I better understand her position, while also reexamine the basis of my own beliefs. We need conservatives because while we cannot ignore the ongoings of the world (we need to help Aleppo and also pay attention to any and all epidemics happening elsewhere), there also comes a point where we need to look out for our own interests as a country.

Now, do I support Donald Trump’s “America First” narrative? Not in the slightest.

Anybody who has ever read a book written in the first person can tell you that it is an unreliable story. Heart of Darkness is a book that is usually assigned to high schoolers because of the unreliable nature of the narrator to tell a consistent straight forward story. I, myself, refrain from writing in the first person because of the narrow scope that it gives me and the lack of diversity in thought and writing. An American narrative is a dangerous one because of the history of our country has been dictated by upper-class white men and more the most of still is. White men have been the “movers and shakers” in America with little credit being given to the people of color who were taken advantage of.

A world wide American First narrative would neglect the voices of the rest of the world because that narrative encourages a superiority complex. The feats of other countries trampled upon and their rights refused because we see ourselves having better control over everything. Is this a hyperbole? Of course, but is that not what we are already seeing?

The White House has officially become white again, with many sources noting that Donald Trump’s White House is the least diverse in recent history. The few women that were in the White House has decreased since the change in office and the story painted when talking about predominantly Islamic countries is that of consisting of hate and terrorism. By talking about countries in this way we encourage a dangerous belief that the governments of the Middle East are incompetent (something I have heard personally several times). With thoughts like that it won’t be long until another “intervention” will be issued. And no one wants to go to war again when we slowly pulled almost all of our troops out.

Besides war, the superiority complex will honestly destroy this country. Donald Trump is already ignoring his advisors, people trained in a specific field to handle situations that Donald Trump will be ill equipt to deal with. I wouldn’t want to see the same happen to America. Ignoring allies and such that, we crumble because of our own arrogance, but I have seen people encouraging Donald Trump to cut ties with Germany. (Why? I will never know.) Germany is one of our biggest allies and will always be able to give us support. Why would we ever cut ties with them, mystifies me and I have yet to meet a Donald Trump support that could give me a legitimate reason as to why.

I love America. I honestly do. But putting yourself above all others makes dangerous enemies.

But this is just a thought. 


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